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Buying and selling property is a complicated venture whether you are dealing with your own home or are conducting a commercial real estate transaction. This complexity is why, whatever situation you face, it is good to work with a lawyer skilled in Real Estate law. For those who are buying or selling property in the New York metropolitan area including Nassau, Suffolk County, Westchester and Rockland Counties of New York The Law Office of Matthew K. Tannenbaum is available for a wide variety of real estate related concerns.

Getting into Real Estate Law in New York City

Since Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum passed the bar exam, 22 years ago, he has obtained experience in a wide range of legal areas. During ten of those years, he served as a General Law Practitioner, meaning his workload could be personal injury one day, and bankruptcy the next. While working in many legal areas, Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum began to favor real estate and related areas of the law, and now makes this his specialty.

While Matthew Tannenbaum has worked in a variety of legal atmospheres and has been both an associate and a partner in other firms, he began a solo practice focused on Real Estate, Probate, Landlord/Tenant, and Traffic law back in 2010. Mr. Tannenbaum puts service and communication at the top of his priorities and strives to keep his rates affordable while frequently going that extra mile for his clients. Here are some of the areas he practices within Real Estate Law.

Residential Real Estate in Suffolk and Nassau County

Individual and Family Homes

Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum considers helping his clients get through the red tape of buying or selling a home and embracing the next chapter of their lives to be highly rewarding, even if it can be complicated. Working with lenders, insurance providers, and dealing with situations such as short-sale transactions or foreclosures can make the process run less than smooth. Fortunately, Mr. Tannenbaum has seen just about everything the housing market has to show. Whether you’re buying a house on Long Island or selling your New York City apartment, Mr. Tannenbaum can help see you get the most out of your home buying or selling experience.

Investment Property

Not every home sale is intended for the buyer to stay there and live happily ever after. A good portion of Mr. Tannenbaum’s practice is devoted to those who buy homes with the intent of making improvements, increasing the value of the house, and reselling. These real estate transactions are subject to different rules and regulations than buying a primary home.

Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum is also up to date with local construction laws and procedures throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County and is also ready to assist clients who are building new properties in these areas and wish to sell them at a profit.

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Commercial Real Estate New York

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing involves detailed contract negotiation between a landlord and the business owner who is renting the space, In all of the excitement over a new business venture and stream of income, both the landlord and the tenant may fail to understand the terms of the leasing agreement, and this could lead to difficulties later on.

For his clients that consult him early in the process, Mr. Tannenbaum reviews all contracts with his clients to make sure they understand everything they need to know. If there are disputes, Mr. Tannenbaum will work diligently to ensure they are worked out satisfactorily.

Purchase of Bank Owned Properties

Purchasing bank owned properties, also known as REOs, at auctions is a great way to get a good value on investment property. However, there are a lot of legal details that need the attention of an attorney when these transactions take place. Settling lender contracts, and dealing with any liens that may be on the property is essential for a clean sale.

Real Estate Title Litigation

Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial one, there are often complex circumstances to real estate transactions that leave some debate over who should hold the title of the property. Through carefully listening to his clients, and drawing upon his knowledge, Mr. Tannenbaum works hard to represent his client’s position and show them in a positive light. In these title litigations, Mr. Tannenbaum looks closely at the situation and works with his clients and others involved to find the best possible solution.

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