An Overview of Wills and Estate Planning

When a person dies, the distribution of property and other assets among their beneficiaries can be complex, especially if there was not a will in place at the time of the person’s death. But whether there is an official will or not, a verification process, called probate must be followed. Preparing a will ahead of time does make things easier, but regardless of where you are in the process of determining the conditions of a will, New York Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum can help.

About Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum

Matthew K. Tannenbaum is a solo law practitioner in the Long Island area that has made Traffic , Real Estate, and Probate related law his focus. He has been a member of the bar for twenty-two years, and spent ten of his practicing years as a General Law Practitioner where his cases were not only related to those areas he currently concentrates in, but he handled other types of cases, such as personal injury and bankruptcy before deciding to focus on the areas of law he enjoyed the most. Maintaining strong communication with clients, and offering competitive rates are top priorities for Tannenbaum no matter what case he is working on.

New York City Wills and Estate Planning

When a person is in a position where they will be leaving something behind to beneficiaries, the more preplanning that can be done, the better. Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum works on these cases in both Suffolk County and Nassau County. Even if you live a relatively simple life, setting up your will and going through the process of estate planning may be more difficult than you think. Not only do you need to indicate who gets what, but you will need to name an executor to carry out the terms of your will.

In addition to financial matters, there may be additional considerations if you are a guardian of a minor child or an adult with special needs. As you start the process of planning your estate and setting up your will, Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum will be able to explain which of your assets are subject to probate, and which can be distributed to the beneficiaries right away.

Suffolk County and Nassau County Living Will and POA

While it is important to make your wishes known in regards to how your property and any guardianship will be distributed upon your death, it is just as important to prepare for the possibility that you could continue living for a time when you are not considered fit to make appropriate decisions regarding your own care or the distribution of your assets and possessions. If you have named a durable Power of Attorney, that person can step in and make those decisions for you.

At some point you should sit down with the person who you would want to take that role, and Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum can help you communicate your wishes and follow through if those procedures become necessary.

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