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Q: Where can I find the federal law, how long to wait to be able to send that time is on essence?

A: Mrs. Chertock and Nicotra are correct. I would add that generally TOE demands are governed by case law not statutory law. To understand the difference between the two would be to much for this forum to address. Suffice it say the case law generally says that the courts will look each matter on a case by case basis reviewing the totality of the circumstances when deciding whether to enforce a claim of default by a party for failure of the other side to appear at a TOE closing. So there us actually no hard and fast period of time that a party would have to wait before sending a TOE. Best to speak to an attorney.

Q: How long does it take to be evicted in Suffolk County?

Fallen behind in rent and landlord is threatening eviction. I cannot come up with the money to satisfy the debt. I did give 3 months security when we rented and right now the money owed is less than the security. How long does it take if he start the eviction process?

A: I generally agree with mr golds answer however more information is needed to properly answer your question. Is there a lease or are you a month to month tenant? Your security deposit is irrelevant when it comes to payment of rent. Rent is rent and security us security. I highly suggest you speak to an experienced landlord tenant attorney if you are actually served with a notice to cure or quit. Use the Avvo search function to find a local LL/T lawyer. Good luck

Q: What is the difference between 1110 A and 1110 AH?

I got pulled over by a nys nassau highway patrol officer who ticketed me with disobeyed traffic control device and disobeyed traffic device HOV lane. What is the difference in these two violations? I was driving in the HOV lane illegally with no passengers. Ready to plead for guilty but not sure of why I may have been charged for another similar violation.

A: Do not plead guilty hire a local traffic attorney to appear on your behalf to dispose if these tickets. I have had good experience in reducing these types of tickets down to lower offenses. Good luck

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